Hilton Shinty club was founded in 2017, initially there were only 4 children but that has now grown to around 40. Players range from P1 through to P7.

With the support of Inverness Shinty Club and other sponsors such as David Sutherland an ex pupil and many other parents and volunteers the club quickly established itself with the Inverness area. 

After time competitions were entered and the club really started to set itself in stone achieving great things in its first year. The club is continuing to grow and hopes to embed itself within the community and further promote the fantastic sport that is Shinty. 


Training takes place at the school on Wednesdays:

P1-3    2.45pm - 3.45pm

P4-7   4pm - 5pm 



Martin Oparka, Cath Oparka, Donna McKellar


Achievements to date:

2020 P4/5 and P6/7 indoor league winners

2020 P6/7 St Andrews Cup winners

2019 outdoor league winners

2019 joint indoor league winners



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