Inverness Shinty Club partner wth O'Neills for our shinty strips and training clothing. 

Visit our own club shop on O'Neills website - you can also just click on the button below.


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Our club shop hosted at has now been updated with all the club gear to include skinny pants, jackets, squad tops and much more.


There is currently a 15% discount on all club products.  To take up this offer, all you need to do is create an account at and use the code WELCOME15 at the checkout.  You'll also benefit from the following benefits:

  • Ease and convenience of ordering

  • New gear available

  • Earn O’Neills Loyalty points that you can use later

  • Club receives a percentage on all sales

  • Personalised options

  • Access to promotions and offers from O’Neills.

A percentage of all sales are returned to the club and for every purchase you will also buid up loyalty points.  You can use these for any future purchases.


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